behind the scenes


The making of the print Frutti


I started selling the Frutti print this summer. People kept asking: "Why fruits?" "Are they figs?" "What's your inspiration?" "Did you use silkscreen?" I have opened my shop in almost 2 years now, so I think it's time to reveal some of my secrets...

Let me tell you how it came to be...
Making the print is the first step for me
And the one I enjoy the most, maybe
This blog post is the first in a series
It's the story behind the bags. You'll see.

I start drawing without a clue
Forms come out... out of the blue.
I do love the surprise! I do!


I just moved from New York to the Seattle area and it was time to start fresh with a new collection. I drew an interesting shape that I wanted to expand on. It looked like a fruit. So, I drew more of it. Eventually, one of the elements looked like a kiwi. So, I decided to draw kiwis. I looked at image references online, but my imagination took over and expanded on the subject. The kiwis started to look like oranges, figs, heart-shaped fruits, and other nameless imaginary ones... They all had seeds and that's all that's needed to be considered a fruit, isn't it?

So how do I get inspired? It could come from anywhere, but 99% of the time it comes from the inside. I'm sure I get inspired everyday by what I see: color combinations, street art, the curl of a leaf. I'm sure I ingest all the visual stimuli, and somehow it informs my drawings. I start drawing with an empty mind. Then, I get inspired on the fly, as my ink pen forms shapes. Eventually, I will like or recognize a shape and will expand on it. That is my usual process. It's pretty organic.

I first did a pencil sketch to find an idea and then quickly moved on to using my favorite shiny inks on black paper. Those inks are such a treat! Once I had a good set of fruits, I scanned the sketches and selected the best ones. I drew over the scan in Adobe Illustrator and laid them out to create a repeat pattern. Then, I created many colorways before I finally selected the best three. Et voila!

 The 3 colorways of the Frutti print

The print is now on a tote, pouches, and wristlets, all available on my Etsy shop here.

This is my first blog post ever. Let me know if you find it interesting or want to hear about something in particular.